"Reisen ist tödlich für Vorurteile"** Antoine de Saint- Exupéry †1944

Prof. Nereyda Cantelar (Instituto Pedro Kouri)

9:00- 10:00 Cuban Health System. An overview Prof. Manuel Diaz Jidy
10:00-11:00 Cuban AIDS program Prof. Alejandro Trujillo
11:00-12:00 HIV diagnosis and therapy Prof. Alejandro Trujillo
12:00-13:00 Schistosomiasis Meningitis Prof. Felix Dickinson
13.00-14:00 Cholera and Typhoid fever Prof. Manuel Díaz Jidy
8.45 –13:00 Visit to and teaching in a Family Physician Clinic located in the” Old Havana”: “Cristobal Labra”. Municipio “La Lisa” Prof. Nereyda Cantelar Prof. Carmen Báez Prof. Yamila De Armas
9:00- 10:00 Haemorragic viral diseases. Ebola Prof. Nereyda Cantelar, PhD
10:00-10.45 Fever in the returned traveller Robert Partridge,MD PhD: Bruce Becker, MD,PhD
11:15-11:45 Hanta virus. An approach Prof. Roberto Fernández
11:45-12.30 Malaria Prof Lazaro Rogas
12:30- 14:15 Visit to IPK clinic. Bedside teaching Prof. Manuel Diaz Jidy
9:00-10:00 Resurgence of Infectious Diseases: Dengue virus and Dengue haemorragic fever Prof. Gustavo Kourí, PhD
10:00-10.30 Notes on Repatriation of Sick Traveller Peter de Beer,MD.DTM &H
10:30-11.15 Update in Travel Medicine 2005 Peter de Beer, MD ( Hol ) Wayne Olsheski,MD ( Can) 11:15-11:55 Tuberculosis. Epidemiology,diagnosis, treatment and control Prof. Edilberto Gonzalez Ochoa PhD
11:55-13:00 Future epidemics:Bird Flu/Influenza: update So you want to be a doctor in the tropics: what you really need to know about practicing medicine abroad Prof. Suset Oropesa Robert Partridge Md,PhD Peter de Beer.MD,DTM&H
Evaluation and Certificate